Council Meetings

The City Council holds Agenda meetings on the first and third Wednesday of each month beginning at 4:00pm in the Council Chambers of Paris City Hall located at 206 S. Central Avenue. These meetings are held for the purpose of setting the agenda for the regular Council meetings. The public is welcome to attend.

The regular City Council meetings are held the second and fourth Monday of each month beginning at 6:30pm in the Council Chambers of Paris City Hall. The agendas for these meetings are published 48 hours in advance and are posted at City Hall and on the City’s website. Citizen participation is available at these meetings.

Download: Council Meeting Calendar

Agenda & Minutes

The Agenda & Minute files are formatted using Microsoft Word. The mobile version of MS Word is available for FREE from your device’s apps store or simply download the free Microsoft Word Viewer for Windows.

Recent Uploads

Spring Clean Up 2018[7679]29.0 KiB4550
Agenda 03-12-201848.5 KiB5
Minutes 03-12-201846.0 KiB4
Agenda 02-12-201853.5 KiB14
Agenda 02-26-201844.0 KiB10
Minutes 02-12-201860.0 KiB12

Archived Uploads

Post Documents
Spring Clean Up 2018[7679]29.0 KiB4550
Paris PD
City of Paris Police Testing Packet205.4 KiB2796
2018 Agendas & Minutes
Agenda 01-08-201843.5 KiB37
Agenda 01-22-201841.0 KiB38
Agenda 02-12-201853.5 KiB14
Agenda 02-26-201844.0 KiB10
Agenda 03-12-201848.5 KiB5
Minutes 01-08-201842.5 KiB46
Minutes 01-22-201839.0 KiB44
Minutes 03-12-201846.0 KiB4
Minutes 02-12-201860.0 KiB12
Minutes 02-26-201857.5 KiB11
2017 Agendas & Minutes
Agenda 01-07-201745.5 KiB49
Agenda 01-23-201745.0 KiB53
Agenda 02-13-201753.0 KiB54
Agenda 02-27-201745.5 KiB59
Agenda 03-13-201750.5 KiB57
Agenda 03-27-201744.0 KiB57
Agenda 04-10-201748.0 KiB52
Agenda 04-24-201750.0 KiB59
Agenda 05-08-201752.0 KiB58
Agenda 05-22-201750.0 KiB54
Agenda 06-12-201750.5 KiB54
Agenda 06-26-201747.0 KiB66
Agenda 07-10-201746.0 KiB52
Agenda 07-24-201747.0 KiB49
Agenda 08-14-201752.5 KiB55
Agenda 08-28-201752.0 KiB63
Agenda 09-11-201748.0 KiB58
Agenda 09-25-201747.0 KiB53
Agenda 10-10-201741.0 KiB54
Agenda 10-13-201728.0 KiB61
Agenda 10-23-201739.0 KiB41
Agenda 11-13-201743.0 KiB44
Agenda 11-27-201743.5 KiB43
Agenda 12-11-201751.5 KiB40
Minutes 01-09-201748.5 KiB63
Minutes 01-23-201749.0 KiB61
Minutes 02-13-201753.0 KiB43
Minutes 02-27-201748.0 KiB59
Minutes 03-13-201751.0 KiB67
Minutes 03-27-201745.5 KiB57
Minutes 04-10-201749.0 KiB53
Minutes 04-24-201754.5 KiB59
Minutes 05-08-201755.0 KiB60
Minutes 05-22-201754.5 KiB66
Minutes 06-12-201753.5 KiB63
Minutes 06-26-201754.5 KiB54
Minutes 07-10-201746.5 KiB55
Minutes 07-24-201749.5 KiB56
Minutes 08-14-201753.5 KiB73
Minutes 08-28-201752.5 KiB72
Minutes 09-11-201751.0 KiB44
Minutes 09-25-201752.0 KiB61
Minutes 10-10-201751.5 KiB55
Minutes 10-13-201729.0 KiB49
Minutes 10-23-207142.0 KiB44
Minutes 11-13-201743.0 KiB46
Minutes 11-27-201743.0 KiB54
Minutes 12-11-201750.5 KiB37

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